All members of the association face the same tasks every day: the integration of data from different sources and the operation of interfaces. The current situation as well as the urgent need for future developments led to discussions. Due to inefficiently used energy and lower market power of the individual members, the necessary steps could not be initiated so far. Market changes require more standards, the harmonization of existing standards and improved communication.

That is why we need NICATS.

Krunoslav Bagaric

Managing Director

DVSE / B-Formance


All members of the association are constantly struggling with the same challenges in order to master the respective daily business the best way possible. With the association, we are creating a platform that will standardize processes and make them more efficient in the future – for optimized data flows affecting both industry and wholesalers with their workshops.“

Andreas Deiß

Head of Marketing and Sales

Limex / Ing. Büro Anka Berg


With the foundation of the association we aim to create synergies for all market participants. In doing so, we refer to the entire value chain of data and information processes. Starting with the parts industry, to the wholesalers and the workshop. The standardization of data from different sources is indispensable, especially with regard to future market developments.“

Kevin Dewi

Shareholder / 

Head of operative business

N4-Holding / N-Systems

Standing still is not an option, especially in our market. The further development of industry and data standards is a top priority for all NICATS members. We see the association as a space for exchange, communication and joint representation of interests – because at the end of the day we all face the same challenges.“

Wilhelm Sattelkau


ARMIWA / vidicom

Bringing all our expertise together in the IAM is the only right way. We all want to reach our goal as efficiently as possible and we all know the challenges. However, as a single party it is almost impossible to get the ball rolling. Similar perspectives together bring us faster to the desired success.“

Theo Strätgen

Managing Director

Theo Strätgen

Beratung und Dienstleistungen

Being open for the practice and an attentive view of the constant changes in the industry are the driving force behind my ideas and visions. Today’s fast-moving times make it essential to use synergy effects sensibly. With my knowledge and many years of experience in IAM, I would like to support the strategic development of the automotive sector consistently and sustainably.“